Drew Gulak


Re: Management Changes date 1/28/2018

Dear Mr. _____ ________,

To follow up on our last correspondence I believe the tournament you have planned is a fantastic idea. So many opportunities have been squandered by the poor habits of my co-workers and any future endeavors we hope to achieve were muddled by their poor behavior that I can’t thank you enough for even taking the time to present the idea to ______ let alone convincing him to do it!


I think you’ll be a fantastic addition to our division and I’m excited for the world to share in the news! We have been lacking leadership for so long, and I’ve only been able to do so much from an individual platform. Before when I’d tackle these sorts of things, as you know, I had backup. I don’t mean a partnership as we’ve tried here before, I mean LEGITIMATE consorts. Why when I had issues of safety and regulation in the workplace, we responded with a platform built on leadership, investment management, security, education, and equality. And delegation was the key! That’s what Mr. Donovan always told me!


But I digress! I am indeed looking forward to the changes you have already implemented here, and I can speak for my other coworkers that they are as well! The addition of Mr. ______ is a most intriguing one as he’s basically been unproven this far into his career, yet he strikes me as a real go-getter! I’m glad to see we are on the same page and I look forward to developing our ongoing relationship!

Drew Gulak
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