Drew Gulak


the pear of anguish

Fear not death for the sooner we die, the longer we shall be immortal.
— Benjamin Franklin

The end is nigh. I’ve heard it constantly for the last three years. No one wanted to give us a chance and the few that did were never able to make their voices heard. For so long I was obsessed with changing that silence. I wanted to help others understand that by strengthening their weakness as a group the whole would succeed.

I was naive.

So many selfish men have shown their true colors in our division. Blinded by the fear of obscurity they neglected the group and instead pursued their own needs, leaving their brothers behind for a larger pond in which they can not tread.

I was frustrated.

Change is the only absolute in life. It is an everlasting shrine of security. I have always believed this. Thus I understand that accomplishment does not equal happiness but a sense of fulfillment is the key to solitude. My predecessors could never grasp this and in the midst of chaos and their faults the result remains the same: the end is nigh.

I must not squander the platform I have been given. I will always survive in the face of obscurity that so many have feared that they sacrificed the rest of us only to fall short. I can do this because of the harsh environment where I was forged. Radars do not exist because the challenge that I seek is always directly in front of me.

I am champion and now in the forever waning days of our journeymen experiment I find myself embracing the change that I have always adored and ultimately see the truth: that without concern for the trials of others the destination becomes clear, and it’s what I am best at.

Pain and punishment.