Drew Gulak


What a debut!

Subject: “What a debut!”
Original Send Date: 2/4/2018

Dear Mr. ________,

Congratulations on your formal debut! I was most impressed with the way Mr. _____ introduced you to the audience. Being a member of the Universe comes with a sense of great pride and ownership and our division has always been the purest representation of that. This new beginning that was promised to them must be upheld to the highest standards!

I didn’t hear back from you after you left the building even though my secretary left you a message. Hopefully we are still on for coffee before next week’s events!  We have SO MUCH to discuss! I have an entirely new presentation on the ever-expanding platform that the Network has been offering to people in our industry! Why just look at the two of us now! All those years ago in the midlands, would you have ever thought it possible? I mean, I did, but times were different then! New platforms present new opportunities, not just for us, but for industry’s expansion and diversity!

Thanks again for your ongoing correspondence and cooperation! It is most appreciated, and I hope you enjoyed the bouquet! They were General Jacqueminots!

Yours Truly,
Drew Gulak
For A Better 205 Live